Type News launches – a message from the Editor-in-Chief

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Type News is the newest infantry to enter the battle ground on the war against the mainstream media. We want to report the news that others do not as well as report what you have heard but without the elitist bias.

News online, in the papers and on radio and television is getting faker and more agenda-driven towards globalism. Alternative media exists because the mainstream mocks, scorns, ridicules and belittles those who don’t share their world view, and those people are sick of it. We want to make a difference.

That being said, we don’t wish to be just another alternative media site. Whilst we will devote time to stories regarding Brexit, the Trump Presidency and populist politics in the West, we won’t stop there. We aim to dedicate ourselves to catering to other tastes, reporting on the economy, sport, the arts and culture, as well as making sure all major news stories are reported.

There’ll be small changes along the way whilst we get to grips with the day-to-day running of a news website to ensure that you get the best from us.

If you are of a more independent type of mind, Type News is for you.

Jack Oliver Smith,

Editor-in-Chief, Type News

Jack is the Editor-in-Chief of Type News. A journalist with interests in political campaign analysis and strategy, Jack has also worked for the US website New Media Central since 2016, reporting primarily on the developments of Britain's withdrawal from the EU and the Trump presidency.

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