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Exclusive: Young Independence donates £1,984 to member’s free speech battle


A member of the UK Independence Party’s youth wing is raising money to help launch a legal case against his suspension from the University of Central Lancashire.

Sebastian Walsh, 19, was in his first year at UCLAN studying a BA in Children, Schools and Families when the university suspended him after remarks he made during a mid-class discussion. Walsh voiced the opinions that the UK is being “Islamified”, that Halal meat is “violent and barbaric” and those who do not have legal statuses in the UK should “not be given free handouts of our services.”

Walsh has launched a page on in the hopes of raising £20,000 in order to launch a Judicial Review of UCLAN’s decision to suspend him, which has left Walsh unable to attend classes and put his career aspirations in child protection at risk.

“The suspension from the university seemed appropriate to the staff for simply speaking an opinion,” Walsh told Type News. “These discussions was brought-up in context by the students but I’m the one who got disciplined. Freedom of speech is under threat at the University of Central Lancashire.”

UKIP member and YouTube personality Count Dankula has released a video on his channel about Walsh’s story, which has helped raise awareness of the case. “I’ve appealed the outcome as it’s unfair and biased. I know they will not let me back in because of the mass reports that have been released into the public.” His friends in Young Independence – the youth wing – have also given generously.

Sebastian Walsh with UKIP leader, Gerard Batten

“Anyone of us could have been Sebastian. Our lives could have been taken from us due to our political opinions,” said Sebastian Cheek, Treasurer of YI. “If we truly believe what we say then it’s time to put our money where our mouth is, which is why we’ve donated £1,984 to Seb’s case. Today we have expressed our commitment to free speech. We hope others will do the same.”

At the time of publication, Walsh has raised £9,419 with 28 days remaining to give to his cause.

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