SMITH: Congratulations to the establishment – you’ve just mobilised Nigel Farage to battle you…again

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In 2015, the Tory party won a General Election after promising a referendum on European Union membership after Nigel Farage’s UKIP’s barnstorming European Election triumph the year previously.

June 23rd, 2016: the UK votes to Leave the EU after UKIP led by Farage, under the banner of Leave.EU, campaigned in areas across the UK affected by years of EU bureaucracy.

Since then, the establishment has done whatever it could to undermine the vote, and now we have seen over 400 Parliamentarians vote to extend Article 50 and the day before vote in favour of ruling out a No Deal Brexit, leaving on WTO rules.

By voting for their own interests against those that voted for them to serve, career politicians and elitist establishment have just opened the Arc of the Covenant, and Nigel Farage is ready to peer from it. He’s back, and it’s their fault.

If Mrs May grovels enough to ensure the other 27 EU nations’ agreement to extend Article 50, the UK will be once more be obliged to put forward candidates for the next Euro Elections in May, and Farage, under the banner of The Brexit Party, will be ready to contest.

Despite being officially under the leadership of Catherine Blaiklock, Farage is the face of the party, and took seven UKIP MEPs with him. Former UKIP member Steven Woolfe has also stated his interested in standing with them. The only sticky wicket is the bad feeling between Farage and the current UKIP brand which caused his resignation shortly before Christmas.

With no disrespect intended to current leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, he possesses no more than a mere fraction of Farage’s charisma in my opinion. Batten is fierce and very good at dealing with the mainstream media word-twisters, but hasn’t got the appeal across the board of Brexiters that Farage has. The sensible thing will be the Brexit Party and UKIP reaching some sort of electoral agreement, but if UKIP wish to stand someone against Farage, and defeats him, then they have pretty much lost Brexit by removing its most pivotal champion.

Farage’s rabble-rousing, gavel-banging and mostly-improvised speeches within the belly of the beast that is the EU Parliament have been something of online sensations for almost a decade, coming to mainstream prominence when he stood-up and proclaimed that the then-newly-elected EU Commission President, Herman Van Rompuy, had “the charisma of a damp rag,” and “the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.” Farage really has to thank YouTube and social media for helping to catapult him into public consciousness. In fact, just recently, a Farage speech gained around 5 million views across platforms within days.

Even some of his biggest adversaries even admit his abilities, arch-Remainer Ken Clarke once calling him “the most successful politician of my generation”. Of course, many of those whose greatest pleasure is sneering behind a keyboard are keen to point out that he stood for Parliament seven times and lost, but debunking this is easy: six of those times he never had a realistic chance and when he did, he lost to a Tory whose campaign has been proven to have been fraught with overspending, against the rules, and he still lost by a mere couple of thousand.

And how do you account for his success?

Well, let’s take the 2014 Euro Elections. UKIP became the most-represented of all the UK parties in Brussels and Strasbourg, and in the 2015 General Election, UKIP gained around four million votes, an impressive feat made to look poor due to the UK’s archaic voting system returning only one MP, and of course the referendum was really the pinnacle: Farage’s case for leaving defeated the Prime Minister and his scaremongering Chancellor, as well as former President Obama, who tried to tell us all that leaving would render us “at the back of the queue” when it came to a trade deal.

Of course, what Obama didn’t bank on was that crooked Hillary Clinton would lose to Donald Trump, who has on numerous occasions promised the UK a good trade deal, the most recently coming yesterday, allegedly after a quiet word with Farage, the only UK politician who seemingly has the President’s ear.

Nigel Farage, a regular at CPAC conventions, is popular with conservatives in the US and is known for his friendship with President Trump

Regardless of whether it’s UKIP who are still the “people’s army” or whether you think it’s The Brexit Party, it is Nigel Farage who is going to lead from the front and if we have to go out and campaign and win again, it will be he who will lead the way, one footstep and pint at a time.


Jack Oliver Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of Type News

Photograph credits: Steve Bowbrick, Gage Skidmore

Jack is the Editor-in-Chief of Type News. A journalist with interests in political campaign analysis and strategy, Jack has also worked for the US website New Media Central since 2016, reporting primarily on the developments of Britain's withdrawal from the EU and the Trump presidency.

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